True Business IT Guide

A Few Words About Us

  • Compass is a trusted provider in the information industry since our foundation in 2000. We are a specialised software services company that delivers innovative business & technology solutions. 

    Compass offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT and IT-enabled services with a distinct focus on providing web application development, product engineering services, enterprise integration solutions and mobile-based custom applications.

    At Compass, we realise that, choosing a right strategic associate in this competitive marketplace, who can value your ROI, is critical. With more than a decade of collective ingenious approach and technical proficiency and equipped with a wealth of knowledge & expertise, Compass can foster any business concept into a world-class IT solution.

    We have demonstrated expertise on multiple technologies. Apart from technologies, we are also proficient in Data processing and Backend Processing. With this wide array of skills & expertise, we are a comprehensive IT service provider who can offer technically & commercially viable solutions to address your IT needs.

    As we execute the core development of all projects in-house, working with us allows the reassurance that your software solution is protected and supported.



Who We Are

  • Qualified and experienced Team.
    Compass staff has more than 15 years extensive experience in a range of IT projects.

  • Company with long stable history.
    Our long lasting business relationships with all of our clients is a testimony to our professional and trusted service. Our clients are happy to vouch for the standard of our work.

  • Innovative without a compromise.
    We are always one step ahead of the pack. We research our methodologies and our technologies thoroughly before adaptation. Our customers will always benefit from a cutting edge technology that is tested, reliable and long lasting.