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Experience and Expertise

Innovative Proven technology

  • <span>premium</span> it solutions

    premium it solutions

    • Business tailored solutions 
    • Expert qualified advise
    • Cost effective value added
  • <span>Web &amp; Mobile</span> development

    Web & Mobile development

    Web and mobile applications allow businesses to have centralised, secure and accessible data over the web and from any computer at any time.

  • <span>database </span> management

    database management

    • -> Database Consultancy
    • -> Database Development
    • -> Database Analysis & reporting
    • -> Database Hosting
  • <span>technical </span> support

    technical support

    A qualified IT support will ensure that business downtime is kept to a minimum. We employ a proactive approach to minimise loss and maximise profit.


we are experts in it tech- nologies

  • We have more than 20 years experience. We are expert in web application development using cutting edge technology coupled with proven agile methodology.

  • welcome!


    We would like to welcome you to our website and our range of IT services.

    At Compass we pride ourselves on our tailored IT services. We are a specialised software development firm developing application for medium to enterprise businesses. Our expertise lies in our long history in helping businesses establish systems from inception to production and beyond.

what we do

    • Business IT Consultancy
    • Requirement engineering
    • Application Development
    • IT solution hosting
    • IT maintenance and support

innovative ways

  • innovative ways

    We at Compass believe in adopting trialed innovative methodologies.

    We are not shy from adopting innovative methodologies and cutting edge technologies. Our Agile approach based on multiple iterations and our Rapid Application Development (RAD) ensure that our clients are interacting with their application shortly after our engagement. We leverage cutting-edge-technologies to ensure that our clients are not only taken advantage of proven technologies, they are ensuring their investment is not obsolete shortly after deployment into production.   


What We Offer

  • consulting services

    consulting services

    Compass provide expertise in consulting services

  • Design and Development Services

    Design and Development Services

    Our team has a wide and extensive software development experience. We cater for medium to enterprise projects in a range of industries.

  • IT Support and Maintenance

    IT Support and Maintenance

    A care package tailored to your needs, to ensure you get the very best from your investment. Support and maintenance that goes the extra mile to optimise security, performance, scalability and more.

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